Drill Sergeant Creed Photo Frame


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Drill Sergeant Creed Photo Frame, Laser Engraved/Laser Cut


There is no extra charge for personalizing this frame. Personalized information will be laser engraved to the frame located at the bottom of the photo.


It is made from quality birchwood and is  approxiametly .75 inches thick. It is 10×13 inches overall. The photo slot is for a 4×7 inch photo. It has a sawtooth opening on the back for hanging on a wall.


If you want to send us a photo, in which we will use double sided tape, to attach it to your picture frame please send us a message. We will only print it out in normal copy paper. Your photo will not be enhanced, etc. The photo that you send us will just be printed out as you email it to us. 


The frame is 2.5 deep meaning it is layered almost like 3D. 


It is made in the U.S.A in Columbus, Ga. 



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