NIA Pickles


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NIA Pickle Jar 16 0z

Dill Pickles with spices.


This Infantry Mild Dill Pickle was created by a Master Craftsman, and former Infantryman. It is thick cut to add strength, rough around the edges for an Infantryman’s personality, and made from ingredients that the earth brought forth, an Infantryman is the salt of the earth. It is the first in a series of pickles representing various Military Units. The charity that these products will support is The Gold Star Family, for those families who have lost a soldier due to combat. It is an honor to contribute to these families whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Pickles must be kept below 78 Degrees F (these pickles do not have any presevatives). Do not leave them in the heat enviornment for a long duration of time because they will start cooking again making them smooshy. Refrigerate after opening. 


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